After defeating Fuerte Ira, players will enter a second floor in Escondido Chateau, where they will face Void after one wave of enemies.


Void has 3 attacks: a single powerful strike, a 2x strike against a target, and a 1x AoE with a chance to stun (which can stun multiple people at the same time).


If you've made it this far, you should know what you're doing...


Full Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Defense Boots Secret War Factory Key Darkness Gem
Masters Bow Book of Dragon Black Gold
Dragon Breath Evil Stone
Dragon Rapier Greater Jewellery ATK Gem
Dragon Lance
Dragon Sabre
Warlord Ring
War Boots
Great Healing Ring
Dragon Shield
Dragon Bow


Void is of the Darkness element, and is therefore weak against Light, and strong against Plant.