Viscount Vilhelm
Viscount Vilhelm is found at Polar Thundra, after defeating 3 waves of enemies.


As with all bosses, Viscount Vilhelm can attack normally, but also has an AoE that hits everyone twice. He can also heal himself for +5000 hp.


A similar strategy to previous bosses should work well enough: tankers in the front, and a healer in the back. He causes fewer problems than Battle Conqueror or Toxico Spider.


Full Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Hermoso Hat Healing Ring Frozen Ice Spear
Templar Hat Royal Court Shield Ice Gem
Agility Boots Hielo Caliente Greater Jewellery Mana Gem
Guardian Ring Throstle Hat Dragon Skin
Joker Armor
Joker Coraza
Marksman Clothes
Bromear Dress
Joker Suit


Viscount Vilhelm is of the Ice element, and therefore weak against Fire, and strong against Water, Plant and Flying.

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