The Assault
Guard Joe
Guard Joe Questline
Giver(s)Guard Joe
CityValeria City
Req. Lv.13
GoalSpeak to the guard and defeat the bandits.
PreviousPreparation, Goblin Troubles
Reward(s)400xp, 750 Denars, 10 Reputation, Unlocks map node Montero Hideout

The Assault is the third quest from Guard Joe and is only offered after completing the quest Preparation from Eusobio.

Note -  This quest is a battle quest, which begins automatically upon accepting.

Quest TextEdit

Before: Good day, [name]. You're in for a good old bandit assault? Alright, we will be striking them tonight… when they least expect it. Speak to me when you're ready.


Speak to the guard and defeat the bandits


400 xp

750 Denars

10 Reputation

Unlocks map node Montero Hideout


Although this quest immediately starts a combat with 2 Evil Bandits and 1 Dark Stranger you do not actually fight them. Guard Joe distracts them and you fight the boss Bandit Commander. As of now this is the only opportunity to fight any of these enemies ever. The Boss is not known to drop anything.

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