Here is a list of all suits.


Level Name Location
5 Rider Clothes Valeria City
9 Field Suit Valeria City
13 Simple Suit Valeria City
17 Townman Suit Port Ville
21 Elegenate Port Ville
25 Blue Suit Port Ville
29 Liondex Port Ville
33 Industrialist Suit Frostreach
37 Brown Suit Frostreach
41 Caudillo Clothes Frostreach
45 Hotoro Suit Frostreach
49 Bastanardos Frostreach


Level Name
10 Gentleman Suit
25 Royal Advisor Suit
40 Joker Suit


Level Name
20 Apoderado Clothes
30 Jefe Clothes
40 Admiral Suit
50 Spaniard Suit (Tier 1)
50 Flaming Suit (Tier 2)
55 Wafuku
60 Spring Masutsu (Tier 1)
60 Shogun Festival Suit (Tier 2)

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