Shogun Castle
Shogun Castle
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Shogun Castle is the third stronghold accessible to players. As with the other strongholds, the 1st player needs a key to open the room. Other players (the dungeon can hold a team of up to 6) can then join without needing a key themselves. The stronghold comprises of 4 floors, each with 3 waves of enemies, followed by a boss. Health is healed in between floors, but mana is not.

Item drops listed below are from mobs: for boss drops, please see the relevant page.

Floor 1Edit

Waves: 4

Enemies: Ashigaru MusketeerSamurai GuardNazuchi

Boss: Saigo

Drops: Samurai SymbolTetsu

Floor 2Edit

Waves: 4

Enemies: Dragon AshigaruSamurai SpearmanAshigaru Musketeer

Boss: Nobunaga

Drops: Samurai SymbolTetsu, Samurai Rune

Floor 3Edit

Waves: 4

Enemies: Night LanternNoble SamuraiDragon Ashigaru

Boss: Grand General Shinoda

Drops: Samurai SymbolTetsuSamurai Rune

Floor 4Edit

Waves: 4

Enemies: Noble SamuraiTadayoshiGrand Shogun Guard

Boss: Shogun

Drops: Samurai SymbolSamurai RuneTetsu

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