Here is a list of all shields.


Level Name Location
1 Leather Shield Valeria City
5 Practice Shield Valeria City
9 Bronze Shield Valeria City
13 Targe Valeria City
17 Roman Shield Port Ville
21 Templar Shield Port Ville
25 Emerald Shield Port Ville
29 Lion Face Shield Port Ville
33 Half Moon Shield Frostreach
37 Burgundian Shield Frostreach
41 Blindar Frostreach
45 Infantry Shield Frostreach
49 Quality Nord Shield Frostreach
56 Strange Shield Narumachi


Level Name
18 Lightning Shield
45 Frozen Shield


Level Name
10 Nameless Shield
23 Eaglewood Shield
36 Elite Roman Shield
49 Joker Shield
55 Shimazu Shield


Level Name
20 Turtle Shell
30 Ancient Face Shield
40 Royal Court Shield
50 Spade Shield (Tier 1)
50 Dragon Shield (Tier 2)
50 Flaming Shield (Tier 2)
55 Okaraz Shield
60 Chained Titan Armor Piece (Tier 1)
60 Shogun Shield (Tier 2)

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