The Royal Knight Armor is the second elite light armor to be crafted. It is also required for the level 40 light armor, Grandizor Armor.

The Royal Knight Armor ir otrās elitārās vieglās bruņas. Tās nepieciešamas, lai izveidotu 40 līmeņa Vieglās bruņas, Grandizor Armor.

Crafting RequirementsEdit

Royal Knight Armor Rec
Hunter Armor 1
Cloth 6
Armor Dye 10
Coral 15
Uranium 40
Crafting Price 50000


Royal Knight Armor
Defense 139
Health 569
Mana 39

Where to FindEdit

The recipe drops from Battle Conqueror.

Recepte krīt no Battle Conqueror.

Cloth can be traded for warrior stones at the Collector in Port Ville. Armor Dye drops from several enemies. Coral is an Underwater Cave Mines rare, and Uranium is an Underwater Cave Mines common.

Cloth ir nopērkams par warrior stones pie Collector, Port Ville. Armor dye krīt no dažādiem mobiem. Corral ir izrokams kā rets resurss lokācijā Underwater Cave Mine, un Uranium izrokams lokācijā Underwater Cave Mine , kā parasts resurss.