Here is a list of all rods.


Level Name Location
1 Wooden Rod Valeria
5 Cane Valeria
9 Broom Valeria
13 Metal Rod Valeria
17 Fingerdo Port Ville
21 Green Orb Rod Port Ville
25 Rodear Rod Port Ville
29 Poder Rod Port Ville
33 Eagle Rod Frostreach
37 Little Dragon Rod Frostreach
41 Bronze Fist Frostreach
45 Royal Rod Frostreach
49 Davids Rod Frostreach


Level Name
18 Lightning Rod
45 Ice Rod


Level Name
10 Spear Rod
23 Blue Stick
36 Azul Rod
49 Crowira
55 Bonzi Claw


Level Name
20 Vasto Rod
30 Great Ciervo
40 Mystic Lantern
50 Lion King Rod (Tier 1)
50 Dragon Rod (Tier 2)
50 Flame Rod (Tier 2)
55 Yellow Lantern Rod
60 Guardian Beast Rod (Tier 1)
60 Shogun Scepter (Tier 2)

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