Ring of Romance
Armorsmith Anree
Armorsmith Anree Questline
Giver(s)Armorsmith Anree
CityValeria City
Req. Lv.9
GoalCraft a Warrior Ring and give it to Armorsmith Anree.
PreviousFeathers of Gold Ep. 2
ConcurrentJuliet's Reply, Aiding the Smith
Reward(s)150xp, 120 Denars

Ring of romance is the third quest given by Armorsmith Anree.

Quest TextEdit

Before: Oh hello [name]. I got a gift from Juliet, can you believe it? This may be a sign she like me too, yes? I think I shall propose to her, but I cannot find any ring that could match the beauty of Juliet… Do you happen to have any ring for sale?


Craft a Warrior Ring and give it to Armorsmith Anree.



1000 Denars

6 Reputation


upon completing the quest, the Warrior Ring is exchanged for the Luck necklace. Equipping the ring before completing currently prevents losing the ring