Here is a list of all quests. Quests are generally obtained when the character level reaches the required quest level, and the required map is unlocked.

Note - some quests require others to be completed first in order to become obtainable.

† - these quests are required to reach Empire Espada Outpost.

‡ - these quests are required to unlock the Officer class.

♠ - these quests are required to unlock the Guardian class.

¥ - these quests are required to unlock Narumachi.

♦ - these quests are required to unlock the Samurai class.

Valeria City QuestsEdit

Level Name Quest Giver
1 Training Tutorial Master
1 A Second Attempt Tutorial Master
2 Feathers of Gold Armorsmith Anree
2 Scary Scarecrows Eusobio
3 Unbearable Hwars Eusobio
3 Wildboar Hunting Weapon Merchant Frank
4 Angry Tourists Guard Ralf
4 Juliet's Gift Armorsmith Anree
5 Railroad Bandits Guard Ralf
6 A Leader to Fear Guard Joe
6 Eusobio's Dagger Eusobio
6 Feathers of Gold Ep. 2 Armorsmith Anree
7 Evil Lemurs Eusobio
8 Frank's Request Weapon Merchant Frank
8 Juliet's Reply Juliet
9 Aiding the Smith Blacksmith William
9 Ring of Romance Armorsmith Anree
10 Goblin Troubles Guard Joe
10 Reclaiming the Forest Guard Ralf
10 Temple of Discovery Eusobio
11 Bored 'Til Death Timmy
12 Preparation Eusobio
13 The Assault Guard Joe
14 Payoff Nefcok
24 Mad Rioters Nefcok
24 Visiting an Old Friend Nefcok
25 Empire's Bridge Nefcok
26 Army Assault Guard Ralf
31 Danger From Above Nefcok
32 Danger From Above Ep. 2 Nefcok
43 Rude Child Timmy
44 Eusobio's Secret Eusobio
45 The Ice Hearted Prince Montero
49 The Archons of Dusk Montero¥
50 The Factory Montero

Port Ville QuestsEdit

Level Name Quest Giver
14 Crystal Pillaging Baron Golding
14 Unwanted Workers Baron Golding
15 Becoming a Guardian Guardian Master
15 Wounded Swordsman Aramis
15 First Meeting The Collector
15 Desperate Plea Aramis
16 Fury of a Smith Weaponsmith Cartosar
16 The Demolishing Baron Golding
16 Becoming a Guardian Ep. 2 Guardian Master
17 Beach Cleansing Beatrice
17 Crabs for Dinner Cook Jan
17 Meeting The Capt'n Baron Golding
18 Expanding Territory Baron Golding
18 Secret Weapons Jack
18 Becoming a Guardian Ep. 3 Guardian Master
19 Jelly Struck Beatrice
19 Shark Delicacy Cook Jan
20 Collector's Hobby The Collector
21 The Treasure Box The Collector
22 Eternal Youth Beatrice
22 Fortifying Port Ville Weaponsmith Cartosar
23 Big Fish Cook Jan
23 Repair Needed Weaponsmith Cartosar
25 Magical Bullets Weaponsmith Cartosar
27 Sweet Revenge Baron Golding
28 Exotic Food Cook Jan
30 Paranoid Aramis
30 Advanced Weapons Weaponsmith Cartosar
30 Advanced Weapons Ep. 2 Weaponsmith Cartosar
30 Mysterious Sky Tower Baron Golding
30 Mysterious Sky Tower Ep. 2 Baron Golding
34 Strange Hobby The Collector
34 Strange Hobby Ep. 2 The Collector
45 Paranoid Ep. 2 Aramis

Frostreach QuestsEdit

Level Name Quest Giver
35 Owl Catching Hunter Roger
35 Trouble With Hunters Hunter Roger
36 Warm Clothes Armorsmith Nardoh
37 Yeti Are Among Us Hunter Roger
39 Lost Earrings Alchemist Synthia
40 Bear Boxers Frostreach Soldier
41 Rescuing Citizens Frostreach Soldier
42 Home of a Viscount Frostreach Soldier
42 Viking Order Weaponsmith Leo
43 Disobedience Viking Harold
43 Home of a Viscount Ep. 2 Frostreach Soldier
43 Ice Master Tilmer
43 Simor's Daughter Simor
44 Disobedience Ep. 2 Viking Harold
44 Simor's Daughter Ep. 2 Simor
44 Viking Helmets Armorsmith Nardoh
44 Ancient Knowledge Weaponsmith Leo
45 Ice Master Ep. 2 Tilmer
45 Stylish Hats Alchemist Synthia
46 Hunting Competition Hunter Roger
47 Advanced Technology Frostreach Soldier

Empire Espada Outpost QuestsEdit

Level Name Quest Giver
47 Sharp Matters Artilleryman
48 Garden Cleansing Officer Wilson
48 The Dark Prince Commander Redrigo¥
48 Lake of Fire Commander Redrigo¥
49 Lake of Fire Ep. 2 Commander Redrigo¥
50 Meeting the Officer Empire Officer
50 New Alliance Commander Redrigo¥
50 New Continent Foreign Army Sergeant¥
50 Secret Documents Empire Officer
50 Secret Documents Ep. 2 Empire Officer
50 Secret Documents Ep. 3 Empire Officer
50 O' Sweet Vine Empire Officer

Narumachi QuestsEdit

Level Name Quest Giver
50 A First Meeting Elder Fukomoto
51 Fukomoto's Task Elder Fukomoto
51 Meeting the Ronin Omurai
52 Surprised Ronin Omurai
52 Approaching the Assassin Samurai
53 Stolen Weapon Drawings Blacksmith Masamune
53 Archer Samurai Samurai
53 Archer Samurai Ep. 2 Samurai
53 Archer Samurai Ep. 3 Samurai
54 Archer Samurai Ep. 4 Samurai
55 Armor Detail Armorsmith Toshi
55 Poisoned Citizens Elder Fukomoto
56 Revenge Elder Fukomoto
57 Exploring the Green Maki
57 Gathering Bombs Elder Fukomoto
57 Kuritoshi's Dream Weaponsmith Kuritoshi
58 Barbarian Weapon Blacksmith Masamune
58 Food For The Poor Fisherman Masato
59 Beautiful Decorations Maki
60 The Buldorados Monster Elder Fukomoto

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