Prince Dulahan
Prince Dulahan can be found at Arfildex Gardens, after 3 waves of enemies.


Prince Dulahan has four attacks: a 6x strike against one target, a rolling mud-ball type attack that hits one target once, a jump attack AoE that hits everyone once, and a breath-attack AoE.


Prince Dulahan can hit hard, especially if he repeatedly targets someone with his 6x strike. High defence is recommended, to be able to withstand his attacks until a healer can help.


Full Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
The Ottoman Dragon Horn Greater Dodge Gem
Golden Ring Habilidad Necklace Dulahan Arm
Kings Lance Autumn Hat Earth Gem
Fortaleza Rapier Spaniard Suit


Prince Dulahan is of the Earth element, and is therefore weak against Water, and strong against Fire and Beast.

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