Widely regarded as the most powerful class in the whole Esgrima 2 universe, the Officer class is unlocked by completing all of the Empire Officer's quests in Empire Espada Outpost. The Officer is considered to be the successor of the Musketeer, as the Officer's outfit style is strikingly similiar to the Musketeer's. This makes former Musketeers easier to obtain elite gear for their Officer counterparts. The Officer uses Hats, Coats, Rapiers, and Pistols for gear. As with all characters, the Officer can also equip two rings, a necklace, a back decoration, and either light or heavy boots.

To unlock the Officer, a series of quests must be completed, available once a character reaches level 50, and given by the Empire Officer NPC standing in Empire Espada Outpost. 


Level 1Edit

Secret Move: 2 powerful strikes which reduce enemy's defence for 2 turns. 260% attack and 75% defence at level 5.

Empire Power (passive): Gain attack. +50 attack at level 5.

Mining (passive): Allows mining.

Level 10Edit

Shooting Range: 3x attack on a single target. 180% attack at level 5.

Critical Improvement (passive): Increase critical chance. +5% at level 5.

Level 20Edit

Poisoned Bullet: Poisons the enemy for 3 turns. 70% of attack poison damage at level 5.

Shoot Out: 3x AoE strike. 275% of attack at level 5.

Lucky Officer (passive): +1 Luck.

Level 30Edit

Direct Hit: Single hit against a target. 240% attack at level 5.

Shoot Out Damage (passive): Increases damage of Shoot Out. +25% damage at level 5.

Critical Officer (passive): +1 Crit multiplier.

Level 40Edit

Findero: Increases critical chance for 3 turns. +25% at level 5.

Punishment: 5x unavoidable strike on a single target. 190% attack at level 5.

Fire Element (passive): +1 Fire.

Level 50Edit

Final Strike: 2x AoE strike. 290% attack at level 5.

Order of the Empire: 6x strike on a single target. 100% attack at level 5.

Recommended BuildEdit

Skills that are a must include Secret Move, Critical Improvement, Shoot Out, Lucky Officer, Critical Officer, Findero, Punishment, and Final Strike. Shoot Out Damage, Empire Power, Shooting Range, and Order of the Empire are also recommended.

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