The Musketeer is one of the four starting classes. Their initial stats are 4 strength, 4 endurance, 4 wisdom, 2 luck, and 4 intelligence. Musketeers tend to be a good beginning-game class, with their dual-wielding ability leading to higher damage than the other starting classes. However, this soon becomes a hindrance, with the need to craft two weapons taking up more mining time. Musketeers use the same armor as Officers, however, which combined with the pistol, can eventually save on mining time.

Musketeers use Pistols as their weapons, and Coats as their armor. They can also equip hats. As with all characters, they can equip two rings, a necklace, a back decoration, and either light or heavy boots.


Level 1Edit

Critical Shot: Two guaranteed critical strikes, at double the power.

Attack Power (passive): Increase attack. +30 attack at level 5.

Mining (passive): Allows mining.

Level 10Edit

Ultimate Shot: AoE 10x strikes. Each strike 60% attack at level 5.

Kick: Single strike. 265% attack at level 5.

Musketeer Training (passive): +1 Endurance.

Level 20Edit

Lucky Gunner: Increases crit chance on next attack. +50% at level 5.

Little Mana (passive): Increases total mana. +25 at level 5.

Water element (passive): +1 Water element.

Level 30Edit

Crazy Fury: 4 strikes on a single target, and reduces enemy MP. 145% attack and -10% MP at level 5.

Esquivar: 2 strikes with enemy dodge at 0%. 150% attack at level 5.

Hazar Health: Self-heal. +140 health at level 5.

Agua Shot: Single strike with +2 water element. 280% attack at level 5.

Level 40Edit

Stun Grenade: AoE 2x strike with a chance to stun. 260% attack and 10% stun chance at level 5.

Muchos Tiros: 6x strikes on a single target with chance to stun. 130% attack and 9% stun chance at level 5.

Unexpected Gift (passive): When attacking, small chance to boost attack power for 2 turns. 5% chance for +20% attack at level 5. Can stack multiple times.

Level 50Edit

Cooldown Reset: Resets all cooldowns for all players.

Recommended SkillsEdit

Critical Shot, Attack Power, Ultimate Shot, Musketeer Training, Stun Grenade, and Unexpected Gift are a must for any musketeer, and should be maxed as soon as possible. Muchos Tiros and Crazy Fury are useful to take down bosses. 

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