Meeting the Officer
Empire Officer
Empire Officer Questline
Giver(s)Empire Officer
CityEmpire Espada Outpost
GoalAcquire 3 Moon Stones.
NextSecret Documents, Secret Documents Ep. 2, Secret Documents Ep. 3, O' Sweet Vine.
Reward(s)3500xp, 0 Denars, 5 Reputation

Meeting the Officer is the first quest from Empire Officer. It is also the first quest in the chain towards unlocking the Officer class. The others are Secret Documents, Secret Documents Ep. 2, Secret Documents Ep. 3, and O' Sweet Vine.

Known requirements to unlock the quest - be level 50, and complete all quests from Frostreach Soldier, Nefcok, Montero, and Eusobio.

Quest TextEdit

Before: Hi, nice to finally meet you. The Empire has sent me to this region, to lead upcoming missions. To get started, I will need 3 Moon Stones.

During: I will stay here for a while.


Acquire 3 Moon Stones.

(note - These are found in the Gold Mall, for 8 gold each.)


3500 xp

0 Denars

5 Reputation

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