Khaz'ar Dungeon
Khaz'ar Dungeon
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Khaz'ar Dungeon is the first stronghold accessible to players. A key is required to open the room, purchasable from the gold mall, but other players can join without a key. The stronghold comprises of 4 floors, culminating with the boss Khaz'ar. Health is healed in between each floor, but mana is not.

Due to the high level of the enemies, and the fact that none (including the boss) can hit the back row, this is an extremely useful dungeon for quickly leveling new characters.

Floor 1Edit

Waves: 3

Enemies: Skeleton SwordsmanAncient SkeletonSkeleton Archer

Possible drops: Bone, Warrior Stone, Exp Potion, Anger Potion

Floor 2Edit

Waves: 3

Enemies: Skeleton AssassinSkeleton DestroyerSkeleton Guard

Possible drops: Bone, Exp Potion, Medium Booster

Floor 3Edit

Waves: 3

Enemies: Skeleton MageSkeleton LancerArmored Skeleton

Possible drops: Bone, Warrior Stone, Medium Booster

Floor 4Edit

Waves: 2 + boss

Enemies: Giant Skeleton AssassinMutant SkeletonFrozen SkeletonKhaz'ar

Possible drops (mobs only - see Khaz'ar page for his drops): Bone, Anger Potion, Warrior Stone

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