Here is a list of all (current) instances, divided by islands.

To access the second island (desert/underwater region), Bandit Camp needs to be cleared.

To access the third island (snowy region), Vuelo Airship needs to be cleared.

To access the fourth island (volcano region), Polar Thundra needs to be cleared.

To access the fifth island (samurai/ninja region), the quest New Continent needs to be completed.

First IslandEdit

This is the jungle island, whose main city is Valeria City.

Name Level
Valeria City N/A
Training Grounds 1-2
Moonlight Forest 2-3
Del Bosque 2-4
Night Forest 4-6
Railroad Junction 5-8
Comenzar Jungle 5-7
Aurora Jungle 7-9
Selva Oscura 9-10
Selva Temple 10-12
Jungle Mines Mining 0-1
Escondite 10-11
Top Tree Village 11-13
Bandit Camp 12-14
Montero Hideout 13-15
Escondido Chateau 48-50

Second IslandEdit

This is the desert/underwater looking island, whose main city is Port Ville.

Name Level
Port Ville N/A
Old Mines 14-15
Buendos River 14-16
The Deck 15-17
The Cabin 14-17
Beach Side 16-17
Con Brillo Pier 18-19
Pirate Reef 19-21
Bajo El Mar 20-22
Dark Ocean 20-23
Underwater Cave Mines Mining 2-3
Golden Forest 21-23
Largo Bridge 23-25
Divertida Palace 22-25
Army Camp 25-27
Desert 27-29
Caliente Desert 29-31
Sky Tower 30-33
Vuelo Airship 30-32
Vuelo Airship Deck 32-34
Earthstone 34-37

Third IslandEdit

This is the snowy island, whose main city is Frostreach.

Name Level
Comienzo Forest 35-37
Snow Forest 37-39
Frostreach N/A
Tunebro Forest 39-41
Compos De Nieve 40-42
Frozen Ground 41-43
Polar Thundra 42-43
Suelo Congelado 43-45
Snowfield Mines Mining 4-5

Fourth IslandEdit

This is the volcano island, whose city is Empire Espada Outpost.

Name Level
Empire Espada Outpost N/A
Viking Hideout 43-45
Sombra Forest 43-45
Sombra Dungeon 44-47
Ruined Eden 44-45
Abandoned Town 45-47
Arfildex Gardens 46-48
Lava Fortress 47-48
Fuego Mountain 47-49

Fifth IslandEdit

This is the samurai/ninja island, whose city is Narumachi.

Name Level
Narumachi N/A
Freedom Coast 51-53
Hasekuria 53-55
Warrior Road 55-58
Zhenmurshou Forest 57-60


Name Level
Khaz'ar Dungeon 40-50
War Factory 49-58
Shogun Castle 57-63

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