Ice Hearted Prince
The Ice Hearted Prince can be found at Suelo Congelado, after 3 waves of enemies.


The Ice Hearted Prince tends to only target one enemy, with both a single strike and a 3x strike. He also has an ability to buff his attack by +100 for two turns.


This boss is considerably harder than Viscount Vilhelm, not least because the enemies in the waves before have a lot more hp. A healer is highly recommended, especially if you don't yet have level 40 elite gear.


Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Samurai Straw Hat Ice Crystal
Sun Sabre Ice Gem
Pistola Bayonet Dragon Skin
Winged Blade Greater Protection HP Gem
Blue Phoenix Lance
Mystic Lantern
Grandizor Armor
Marquise Dress
Mercenary Clothes


The Ice Hearted Prince is of the Ice element, and is therefore weak against Fire, and strong against Water, Plant, and Flying.

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