Here is a list of all heavy armor.


Level Name Location
5 Guardian Recruit Armor Valeria City
9 Greek Armor Valeria City
13 Black Guard Armor Valeria City
17 Bulvador Fancy Armor Port Ville
21 Vernado Armor Port Ville
25 Shadow Armor Port Ville
29 Vizcondo Armor Port Ville
33 Purple Warrior Frostreach
37 Heavy Sand Frostreach
41 Mercenary Armor Frostreach
45 Byzantine Armor Frostreach
49 Henry Armor Frostreach


Level Name
10 Swiss Guard Armor
25 Red Rose Armor
40 Joker Coraza


Level Name
20 Elite Conquistador Armor
30 Elite Mercenary Armor
40 White Knight Armor
50 Blue Phoenix Armor (Tier 1)
50 Heavy Fire Armor (Tier 2)
55 Naoe Armor
60 War Minister Armor (Tier 1)
60 Shogun War Armor (Tier 2)

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