Here is a list of all hats.


Level Name Location
1 Red Kepi Valeria City
4 Brown Kepi Valeria City
7 Explorer Hat Valeria City
10 Cocket Hat Valeria City
13 Commoner Hat Valeria City
16 Navigator Hat Port Ville
19 Scottish Bonnet Port Ville
22 Longermen Port Ville
25 Black Top Hat Port Ville
28 Navy Hat Port Ville
31 Army Hat Frostreach
34 Infantry Hat Frostreach
37 Busby Frostreach
40 Gentlemen Hat Frostreach
43 Pritzon Hat Frostreach


Level Name
12 Green Top Hat
22 Officer Hat
32 Blue Jenzen
42 Templar Hat


Level Name
20 Gray Cap
30 Green Lefo
40 Samurai Straw Hat
50 Royal Grenader Hat (Tier 1)
50 Fire Hat (Tier 2)
55 Ashigaru Hat (Tier 1)
60 Rich Samurai Hat (Tier 1)
60 Shogun Hat (Tier 2)

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