Grand Lava Keeper
Grand Lava Keeper can be found at Fuego Mountain, after 3 waves of enemies.


Grand Lava Keeper has 3 attacks: a 3x strike on one target, a 1x strike with a chance to stun, and a 1x AoE. 


Using the information from the Lake Of Fire quests, water and earth enchanted weapons will greatly boost damage. Otherwise, as always, tankers in front/healers in back.


Full Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Lava Blade Secret War Factory Key Fire Gem
Minterlo Pistol Winged Boots Dragon Skin
Crowira Montero Rapier Black Gold
Power Book Royal Grenader Hat Evil Stone
Fortaleza Rapier Suerte Necklace Greater Jewellery HP Gem
Defense Boots


Grand Lava Keeper is of the Fire element, and is therefore weak against Water and Earth, and strong against Ice, Beast, and Plant.

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