Goblin Troubles
Guard Joe
Guard Joe Questline
Giver(s)Guard Joe
CityValeria City
Req. Lv.10
GoalDefeat 12 Goblin Warriors in Escondite.
ConcurrentReclaiming the Forest, Temple of Discovery
NextThe Assault
Reward(s)300xp, 300 Denars, 3 Reputation

Goblin Troubles is the second quest from Guard Joe.

Quest TextEdit

Before: The goblins around Escondite and Top Tree Village have proclaimed themselves the owners of the forest and are taxing anyone passing by, so we need to get rid of them. We have to weaken their defences before moving on to the leaders.

During: Show no mercy!


Defeat 12 Goblin Warriors in Escondite.


300 xp

300 Denars

3 Reputation

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