Fuerte Ira
Fuerte Ira can be found on the first floor of Escondido Chateau, after three waves of enemies.


Fuerte Ira has 3 attacks: a 3x strike on a single target, a 1x AoE, and a 2x AoE.


Whatever works for you...


Full Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Joker Shield Swamp Striker Ankle Guard
Sprint Boots Book of Life Dragon Skin
Masters Bow Empire Sword Black Gold
Lion King Rod
Superior Winged Sabre
Master Necklace
War Boots
Viscount Armor
Phoenix Dress
Blue Phoenix Armor
Warlord Ring
Eagle Bow
Nemiroh Face


Fuerte Ira is of the Darkness element, and is therefore weak against Light, and strong against Plant.

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