Feathers of Gold Ep. 2
Armorsmith Anree
Armorsmith Anree Questline
Giver(s)Armorsmith Anree
CityValeria City
Req. Lv.6
GoalCollect 3 feathers from Avius in Comenzar Jungle.
PreviousJuliet's Gift
ConcurrentEusobio's Dagger, A Leader to Fear
NextRing of Romance
Reward(s)150xp, 120 Denars

Feathers of Gold Ep. 2 is the third quest given by Armorsmith Anree.

Quest TextEdit

Before: Hello, [name]. Your exceptional speed on collecting Rooster feathers brings me to ask your for help once more. Could you bring me any Avius feathers you find?

During: Gotten any yet?


Collect 3 feathers from Avius in Comenzar Jungle.


150 xp

120 Denars

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