Feathers of Gold
Armorsmith Anree
Armorsmith Anree Questline
Giver(s)Armorsmith Anree
CityValeria City
Req. Lv.2
GoalGather 2 Rooster Feathers from Roosters in the Moonlight Forest.
ConcurrentScary Scarecrows
NextJuliet's Gift
Reward(s)150xp, 100 Denars

Feathers of Gold is the first quest given by Armorsmith Anree.

Quest TextEdit

Before: I have been working on a brand new design for a hat, but I need a few feathers from the Roosters in Moonlight Forest so that I can get started. Would you collect them for me?

During: Have you gathered the feathers yet?


Gather 2 Rooster Feathers from Roosters in the Moonlight Forest.


150 xp

100 Denars

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