The Elite Conquistador Armor is the first elite heavy armor to be crafted. It is also required by the level 30 heavy armor, Elite Mercenary Armor.

Crafting RequirementsEdit

Elite Conquistador Armor Rec
Crafting Hammer 1
Metal 5
Armor Dye 10
Halite 10
Magnetite 30
Crafting Price 35000


Elite Conquistador Armor
Defense 130
Health 533
Mana 23

Where to FindEdit

The recipe drops from Pirate Captain.

Crafting hammer drops from Dark Deep Sea Predator. Metal is traded for one warrior stone each at the Collector in Port Ville. Halite is a Jungle Mine rare, also drops at Old Mines. Magnetite is an Underwater Cave Mine common. Armor Dye drops from most human enemies. 

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