The Dark Deep Sea Predator can

Dark Deep Sea Pedator

the predator, as seen on screen

be found in Dark Ocean (levels 20-23), after defeating 3 waves of enemies.


  • Normal Attack
  • Special Attack with chance to stun
  • Sonic wave AoE 3x strike


A great damage dealer is recommended, however, as long as you have a healer, you should be good to go. 


Full Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Bag Gray Cap Predator Fin
Dream Bow Elevado Libro Sewing Needle
Hard Leather Boots Star Shooter Crafting Hammer
Luck Necklace Sea Serpent Finger Guardian Master Talisman
Lion Lance Greater Jewellery Mana Gem
Turtle Shell Greater Jewellery Hp Gem
Lucky Necklace Water Gem
Ruby Ring Plant Gem
Venganza Sabre


The Dark Deep Sea Predator is of a Water element, and therefore weak against Ice, Light, Plant, Flying, and Lightning, and strong against Fire, Mechanic and Earth.