Here is a list of all coats. Coats can be equipped by Musketeers and Officers.


Level Name Location
5 Adventurer Clothes Valeria City
9 Traveler Coat Valeria City
13 Infantry Uniform Valeria City
17 Refugio Clothes Port Ville
21 Valiente Uniform Port Ville
25 Baron Clothes Port Ville
29 Soldier Uniform Port Ville
33 White Coat Frostreach/Narumachi
37 Desafiar Coat Frostreach/Narumachi
41 Le Caballero Frostreach/Narumachi
45 Escuela Coat Frostreach/Narumachi
49 Blindado Uniform Frostreach/Narumachi


Level Name
10 Hunter Clothes
25 Frolton
40 Marksman Clothes


Level Name
20 Cheval Clothes
30 Grenadier Uniform
40 Mercenary Clothes
50 Grendelux (Tier 1)
50 Flame Clothes (Tier 2)
55 Brave Fighter Clothes (Tier 1)
60 Armored Ashigaru Clothes (Tier 1)
60  Shogun Clothes (Tier 2)

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