The Cleric is one of the four starting classes available. Their initial stats are 2 strength, 3 endurance, 7 wisdom, 2 luck, and 5 intelligence. Clerics are the healers of the Esgrima 2 universe, and as such a useful addition to any boss fight.


Level 1Edit

Healing: Basic healing spell. +300 health at level 5.

Maximum Mana (passive): Increases maximum mana. +50 mana at level 5.

Mining (passive): Allows mining.

Level 10Edit

Group Healing: Group healing spell. +500 health to all members at level 5.

Ice Bolt: Single attack with a chance to freeze enemy. 180% of attack and 15% freeze chance at level 5.

Healing Power (passive): increases power of all healing spells. +250 health at level 5.

Level 20Edit

Team Health: Increases party maximum health for the duration of the fight. +500 health at level 5.

Ice Storm: 4x AoE attack spell with a chance to freeze. 150% attack and 5% freeze chance at level 5.

Intelligence (passive): +1 Intelligence.

Recovery: Removes statuses.

Level 30Edit

Assist: Mana recovery. +25 Mana at level 5.

Massive Health: Avanced healing spell. +70% max health at level 5.

Riesgo (passive): Chance to gain mana on hit. 5% chance of +25 mana at level 5.

Ice Element (passive): +1 Ice element.

Level 40Edit

Piercing Ice: Attack spell with no enemy block. 170% of attack at level 5.

Devolver (passive): Chance of increased heal power when using Group Healing. 10% chance of +300% power at level 5.

Level 50Edit

Snow Fall: 2x AoE attack spell. 180% attack at level 5.

Cleansing: Removes all debuffs.

Recommended BuildEdit

There are two main types of builds for Clerics: a combat-capable build, and a healing focused build. In both cases, Healing, Group Healing, Healing Power, and Massive Health should be maxed. For a combat build, Ice Bolt, Ice Storm, and Snow Fall should be maxed as well. For a healing build, Assist and Devolver should be maxed. The remaining skill points can be divided up amongst the remaining skills. It also depends on whether the Cleric is to be a mining character or not.

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