Buldorados can be found in Zhenmurshou Forest, after 2 waves of enemies.


Buldorados has 4 attacks: a 1x strike, a 1x strike AoE with chance to stun, a 3x AoE, and a defensive move that removes debuffs.


Full Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Shimazu Shield Era Dress Warrior Stone
Shimazu Rapier Brave Fighter Clothes Owar Stone
Sharp Lance Kabuto Armor Plant Gem
Tanbo Book Wafuku
Shimazu Bow Naoe Armor
Ashigaru Pistol Great Warrior Stone
Bonzi Claw General Ring
Sharp Long Katana


Buldorados is of the Plant element, and is therefore weak against Fire, Ice, Darkness, and Beast, and strong against Water.

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