Here is a list of all bows.


Level Name Location
10 Forest Bow Valeria City
20 Hardwood Bow Port Ville
30 Zakachi Bow Port Ville
40 Kobold Bow Frostreach
50 Black Metal Bow Frostreach
56 Strange Bow Narumachi


Level Name
18 Lightning Bow
45 Ice Bow

(Note - currently not in game)


Level Name
10 Green Trule Bow
23 Dream Bow
36 Yumi
49 Masters Bow
55 Shimazu Bow


Level Name
20 Brumweiht
30 Army Bow
40 Fury Bow
50 Eagle Bow (Tier 1)
50 Dragon Bow (Tier 2)
50 Fire Bow (Tier 2)
55 Tozuka Bow
60 Chained Titan Bow (Tier 1)
60 Shogun Bow (Tier 2)

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