All bosses and their respective pages are found here.

Bosses Location Health Element
Banditor Railroad Junction 850 None
Pontero Selva Temple 2500 None
Grand Montero Montero Hideout 12500 Darkness
Pirate Captain The Cabin 44500 Lightning
Dark Deep Sea Predator Dark Ocean 82400 Water
Maestro Divertida Palace 65000 Flying
Warlord Zirhon Sky Tower 79000 Earth
Battle Conqueror Vuelo Airship Deck 150000 Mechanic
Toxico Spider Earthstone 215005 Beast
Viscount Vilhelm Polar Thundra 100000 Ice
Ice Hearted Prince Suelo Congelado 266000 Ice
Destroyer Sombra Dungeon 117080 None
Angel of Destruction Ruined Eden 184000 Darkness
Prince Dulahan Arfildex Gardens 285000 Earth
Grand Lava Keeper Fuego Mountain 330500 Fire
Fuerte Ira Escondido Chateau Floor 1 350220 Darkness
Void Escondido Chateau Floor 2 450000 Darkness
Khaz'ar Khaz'ar Dungeon Floor 4 120000 None
Mr Wong War Factory Floor 1 135070 None
Firecracker War Factory Floor 2 175000 Fire
Whalthzer War Factory Floor 3 302200 None
Lost Crusader War Factory Floor 4 205500 Fire
Envenenador War Factory Floor 5 345800 None
Marauder War Factory Floor 6 480600 Beast
Bison Walker War Factory Floor 7 445000 Beast
Duke Vincent War Factory Floor 8 389000 Fire
Great Thorlock War Factory Floor 9 467000 Beast
Fire Lord War Factory Floor 10 686000 Fire
Guardian Beast Warrior Road 590000 Beast
Buldorados Zhenmurshou Forest 977000 Plant
Saigo Shogun Castle Floor 1 677000 None
Nobunaga Shogun Castle Floor 2 790000 None
Grand General Shinoda Shogun Castle Floor 3 800500 None
Shogun Shogun Castle Floor 4 1300000 None

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