• Porcarie4502


    February 5, 2016 by Porcarie4502

    I Like Minecraft and Pixelated Games!!And i like esgrima 2 for i luv this game

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  • Late Rental

    Hi all, I was thinking of changing the infobox for Quests and Map Nodes so that you have to manually link things.  so instead of being able to put "| next = Selva Temple" It'd instead be "| next = "  or whatever we may need.  

    I originally didn't do it this way so it would be easier for new people to edit the wiki.  people who've never edited on a wiki aren't going to know how to properly link things.  So if we keep things the way they are we encourage new people to edit or atleast make it easier for them.  if we change things we have more flexibility...   Opinions?

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