Angel of Destruction

Angel of Destruction

The Angel of Destruction can be found at Ruined Eden after defeating 3 waves of enemies.


The Angel of Destruction only has two abilities: a single strike, and an ability to reduce the attack of a front row ally by 50% for three turns.


While not as strong as other bosses, repeated use of the -50% attack can be damaging. A strong hitter in the back row could be favourable, as he won't be affected by it.


Items Recipes Craft items
Wooden Cross Ring of Master Dragon Skin
Amparo Boots Angel Rapier Angel Feather
Life Necklace Darkness Gem
Bindo Hat Light Gem
Dragon Horn Greater Jewellery DEF Gem
Greater Jewellery HP Gem
Greater Protection Mana Gem


The Angel of Destruction is of the Darkness element, and is therefore weak against Light, and strong against Plant.

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